Comprehensive exam

* Advanced Organic Chemistry

Text: Cary Part A

Chapter 5: Nucleophilic substitution

Chapter 6: Polar addition and elimination reactions

Chapter 8: Reaction of carbonyl compounds

Chapter 9: Aromaticity and electrophilic aromatic substitution

Chapter 12: Free radical reactions

Text: March

Chapter 10: Aliphatic nucleophilic substitution

Chapter 11: Aromatic electrophilic substitution

Chapter 14: Free radical substitution

Chapter 15: Addition to C-C multiple bonds

Chapter 17: Elimination


* Modern Reactions in Organic Chemistry

Text: Carey Part B:

Chapter 1: Alkylation of Enolates and other carbon nucleophiles

Chapter 2: Reactions of Carbon Nucleophiles with carbonyl compounds

Chapter 3: Functional group interconversion by….

Chapter 4: Electrophilic addidion to C-C multiple bonds

Chapter 8: Reactions involving transition metals

Chapter 9: C-C bond forming reactions….


* One other course which the supervisor recommends