About Us

The Department of Chemistry offers undergraduate programs and strives to give students a strong theoretical background and the ability to apply what they know to a wide range of chemical, biological and physical systems. An “experiential” component of program allows students to get more intimately involved with the science through research or practice, and to develop a greater sense of identity as a chemist. Students are prepared upon graduation to work as chemists in academic, industrial and governmental settings. In addition, these programs of study provide an excellent foundation for advanced studies in chemistry and related graduate programs as well as professional schools in medicine and pharmacy.

Graduate Studies in Chemistry the Shiraz University


The Department of Chemistry at the Shiraz University offers M.Sc and Ph.D. programs in Chemistry. Our, cutting-edge research programs span several traditional subdisciplines of chemistry including analytical, organic, physical, and inorganic. In these programs, the students may work on multidisciplinary research programs including computational chemistry, biological chemistry, materials science, surface science, polymer science, chemometrics,reaction kinetics, protein science, electrochemistry, theoretical researches.