Dr. Hosseini-Sarvari Group


Group members:

PhD Students:


1. Somayeh Firoozi

Fourth Year Student, :firoozi.org.chem@gmail.com

Visible light active photocatalysis: Graphene oxide and doping metal and Metal oxides 

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2. Mahdi Kohgard

Fourth year student, Mehdikoohgard66@yahoo.com

Visible light active photocatalysis: Dye-sensitized, metal doped, black and colored nano TiO2


3. Zahra Bazyar

Third year student, bazyarzahra@yahoo.com 

Pd and Au doped ZnO as a new visible light active photocatalyst in organic reactions


4. Zahra Akrami

second year student,

Ni doped metal oxides as a new photocatalyst in visible light


5. Hassan Tavalaiee

first year Student,



MSc Students:

1. Atefeh ValiKhani

Second Year student;


2. Dehghani

First year Student


4. Abdolaah Massody

Last Year student



Undergraduate Student:

1. Mina Shafiee

Former Group Members

Former Group members

Name Time of Activity Position
Razieh Eskandari 2006 MSc Student
Samaneh Etemad 2007 MSc Student
Fatemeh Moeini 2009 MSc Student
Sara Shafiee-haghighi 2009 MSc Student
Golnaz parhizgar 2010 MSc Student
Zahra Mardane 2010 MSc Student
Esmat Sodagar 2010 MSc Student
Mina Tavakolian 2011 MSc Student
Ensieh Safary 2011 MSc Student
Najafvand 2012 MSc Student
Atefeh Roosta 2012 MSc Student
Tahereh Ataiee 2013 MSc Student
Ameneh Khanivar 2013 MSc Student
Fatemeh Moieni 2014 PhD Student
Zahra Razmi 2014 PhD Student
Fataneh Jafary 2017 MSc Student
Zeinab Hossein pour 2017 MSc Student
Hossein Sheikh 2017 MSc Student

Former Group Members